When generations collide | How HR is rising to the challenge of a multi-generational workforce.

In today’s hyper connected world our multi-generational workforce is extraordinarily different to years gone by. The impact of a post war population boom, the swinging sixties, the internet followed by a worldwide recession, has made a difference to many of our values, beliefs and motivations; which is reflected in the workplace.

The question is, have you factored this into employee engagement plans for your organisation? How will you motivate, develop and retain across the workplace spectrum?

Clearly, people of different ages see the world in different ways, and this can cause generational conflict in the workplace.

However, organisations can prepare for and mitigate this through gaining understanding of the differences and commonalities between generations and find solutions to bridge the gaps and foster truly collaborative workforces. This paper presents some potential solutions to helping overcome generational differences in the workplace.

Download the full discussion paper below.