Holmes Noble Construction Roundtable Outlines the Future of the Industry

Holmes Noble recently brought together construction industry leaders for a lively roundtable discussion examining the future of the sector, and how firms must adapt to stay relevant.

The roundtable saw key players in the sector join guest speaker Professor Hisham Elkadi, head of the School of the Built Environment at Salford University, for a debate around the theme: “how will buildings be delivered in ten years’ time?”

The discussion gave an insight into prime sector challenges and developments:

  • Despite the construction industry barely changing in the last 20 years, the speed and depth of change over the next ten years will be enormous;
  • Key drivers are climate change, advanced technology, renewable energy and bio-inspired materials, with the future of the industry depending on the convergence of these drivers;
  • One of the key challenges to the development of the industry is the skills shortage. Brexit hasn’t helped this but the sector needs to find a way of attracting talented, tolerant, technology savvy individuals into an industry which is currently viewed by the younger generation as male dominated and slow to evolve;
  • Key areas of development include off-site construction, the ‘disruptive’ industry – for example, the ‘Internet of things’, automation, 3-D printing houses, driverless cars technology, cloud computing. Big data analytics could also become more valuable than physical assets;
  • With all of these exciting potential changes, the biggest barrier to entry would be an adversity to risk – they need to be embraced and not ignored.

To read the full white paper and take an in-depth look at the topics discussed, please click the download button below: