What is revolutionising HR today?

The HR function is revolutionising. Times, roles, society – they’re all changing and HR is evolving to suit the fast-paced, modern challenges of today.

Holmes Noble’s Chief Executive and Founder Michelle Carson-Williams invited some of the UK’s senior HR leaders to discuss the major, modern issues affecting them at a roundtable event as well as interviewing leading HR directors with an international remit asking them the same questions.

The key insights and trends driving the HR revolution were identified by HR directors as:

  • We work in a multi-generational workforce whose many different life experiences shape their personal values and, more importantly, what they want to give and get out of work.
  • Workplace diversity is a way of thinking that encourages an entirely new and positive outlook for a business’ culture. Inclusivity is the result of diversity.
  • It’s known that with change comes an increase in risk. We need to understand these risks in business terms.
  • HR must adapt swiftly to the constant changes in technology practices to continue to anticipate and manage the way we all work.

To bring all the responses together, we’re launching a discussion paper focusing on these insights and trends to help consider strategic responses to these modern challenges.

Download the full HR discussion paper here