The challenges the UK’s Infrastructure faces to facilitate the widespread use of electric vehicles & how these issues can be addressed

Holmes Noble recently co-hosted a question and answer session with Mike Hawes, CEO of the SMMT alongside the Worshipful Livery of Coachmakers. While focusing on the Future of the Automotive Sector post-pandemic/Brexit and the transition to EV, we were keen to ensure that a holistic view of the entire ecosystem was considered and not just solely approached through the lens of the OEMs and manufacturing supply chain alone.

We are following up on our recording of the session ( with a series of thought pieces exploring some of the key issues identified and the main challenges ahead to enable a net-zero automotive industry of the future. In the first part of our series, we explore the issues and challenges surrounding the charging infrastructure and the solutions required to enable electric vehicles to take off in the UK. This will be followed by further explorations of how manufacturers and the supply chain need to adapt to the new realities.