The Factory of the Future

The manufacturing industry is a key driver of our society, championing innovation and bolstering our economy by as much as £192bn (MAKE). As an industry it is truly diverse, innovative and disruptive, built on the skills, expertise and agility of millions of UK workers, particularly from the SME market landscape. With the industrial revolution already on its third iteration, the rise of smart technology has given way to what many are calling the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). As a result, many manufacturers are mobilising behind the smart revolution, investing in new technologies to streamline processes, improve performance and boost manufacturing capabilities. The EU in particular is placing a huge amount of importance on industrial leadership in this space, dedicating many of its own resources to generate opportunities for manufacturers through a clearly defined Factory of the Future roadmap. Therefore, as we continue to make advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence and other revolutionary technologies, what can we expect to see from the Factory of the Future (FoF)?

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