The three charities we are currently working with are, SEO London, The Town Hall Symphony Hall and SoLO Life Opportunities.

SEO London

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London provides superior educational, training and mentoring support to provide, nationally, career access to young people from under-represented and under-served backgrounds to help maximise their opportunities for success. The platform incorporates programmes for secondary school students (SEO Schools), university students and recent graduates (SEO Careers) and alumni (SEO Connect).

360 -The Town Hall Symphony Hall

360 Young people creative music programme is a new project for young people aged 16-26 that enables them to program, produce and market their very own music festival. The project allows the participants to gain invaluable experience of working in the arts sector and develop a diverse range of skills from artistic programming and marketing to event planning and finance. As corporate sponsors, we work closely alongside the THSH team and provide donations to the project, workshops for the participants and offer an internship at our company after completion. We act as a liaison between our client’s businesses and the participants of the project and aim to help place them in apprenticeships and other work opportunities after they complete the project. We’re firm believers in providing diverse routes of entry into the workplace and are grateful to be able to provide this alongside THSH.

SoLO Life Opportunities 

SoLO is a charity selected by our employees; it is a charity that runs a wide range of projects and activities that enrich the lives of adults and children with learning disabilities. We donate time and resources to the charity and allow our clients to donate a portion of our fee to the charity. We are committed to embracing diversity and inclusivity in our workplace and community in all aspects.