Leadership Dinner | DNO to DSO: The Transformation

Great John Street Hotel, Manchester

Holmes Noble are hosting a private dinner to discuss ‘”DNO to DSO: The Transformation”; offering you an opportunity to share opinions and forge new relationships with key decision-makers and influencers from the Energy community.

Due to future market needs, the rise of renewables, storage, electric vehicles, etc., a more dynamic, fast-paced energy industry is evolving. The relationship between energy companies and their customers is becoming increasingly proactive as the DNO’s move away from mainly managing the network to providing additional smarter services and offerings. A new service model – Distribution Systems Operator (DSO) – is emerging as a result, which will lead to a much more agile and responsive approach from the DNO’s.

As the market discusses the need for the DSO model, the industry seems to lack consensus on what it really entails. Many questions are being asked; what will the incremental steps be to fulfil the DSO vision for the UK? How will all parties collaborate to make it happen? Who will be responsible for what?

Holmes Noble invites you to join them at their leadership dinner to explore many of these questions. The dinner will bring together a diverse group of senior individuals from the industry with a view to sharing opinions on this important topic and building new relationships.

The discussion will be insightful, thought-provoking and will cover a host of topics including:

  • The role of the DSO under the current regulatory framework.
  • The rate of transformation toward the DSO model.
  • The commercial and regulatory barriers.
  • The responsibilities of the supply chain.
  • The top strategic priorities.
  • The associated talent requirements.

The above trends are just snapshots from Holmes Noble’s current research, a full discussion paper will be released following the dinner.