Leadership Dinner | The future CEO – Changing the rules of the game

Hotel La Tour, Birmingham

Holmes Noble in conjunction with Beth West, Commercial Director for HS2 and Andrew Cleaves, CEO of Birmingham Metropolitan College and responsible for improving skills on behalf of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP recently hosted a private leadership dinner to discuss The future CEO – changing the rules of the game.

Holmes Noble have invested in research and collaboration to understand these future trends as well as others. Committed to being at the forefront of the future of the CEO as well as senior leaders, Holmes Noble have been investing in extensive research. As part of this ongoing project Michelle Carson-Williams, as leader of Holmes Noble Board Practice, hosted a private dinner that brought together a diverse body of senior individuals from a broad range of sectors and backgrounds to share opinions on this important question and build new relationships.

As a brief overview below are a list of the topics that were discussed in detail on the evening, these will also be available to read in full in the coming weeks in the Holmes Noble ‘The Future CEO – Changing the rules of the game’ discussion paper.

Areas the discussion document will explore include:

  • So much of the world we live and work in has changed and with it a new breed of leader has emerged. Personality traits, new values and attributes will be discussed.
  • Leaders of tomorrow will need to understand, adapt and evolve with technology. The modern CEO will understand the overall technology landscape and how it is impacting on business and teams.
  • The need and advantages of diversity will be playing a leading role with the CEO of the future – the need and the challenges being faced will be discussed within the document.
  • Modern leaders will be continually challenging and grow with their organisations – the positive benefits and examples of this self-awareness will be discussed.
  • Succession plans – how do CEOs today plan for the future?

Please click here for the full discussion paper, published following the event and to see our vlog of the evening please click here.