Leadership Dinner | Automation – Human-Machine Collaboration


Holmes Noble in conjunction with Mike Wilson, President of the British Automation and Robot Association are hosting a private dinner to discuss ‘”Automation –  Human-Machine Collaboration”. Offering you an opportunity to share opinions and forge new relationships with key decision-makers and influencers from the manufacturing community.

Committed to being thought leaders in the industrial and supply chain space, Holmes Noble’s Partner & Head of Industrial practice, Ben Gilbert and Amy Speake, Partner, have invested time into extensive research into how the new wave of existing but not yet widely deployed technologies will transform global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities in the very near future.

The changing UK landscape is accelerating investment in new technologies, that are more reliable and efficient than ever before, however, investment and implementation bring their own risks!

The dinner discussion will cover the following thought provoking topics –

  • ‘Collaborative Technology’ – People working alongside intelligent robotics
  • ‘Where to Start’ and how to align your automation strategy alongside your business strategy
  • The skills gap
  • Return on investment and funding options
  • Business continuation, programme planning and management up and downstream
  • Head count and managing the culture change
  • Emerging Technology / virtualisation / collaboration between man & machine?

The above trends are just snapshots from Holmes Noble’s current research, please click here for the full discussion paper and here to see a vlog of the evening.