Roundtable Leadership Breakfast | The Changing Landscape of HR

Bank Restaurant, Birmingham

Committed to being at the forefront of HR from a strategic perspective, Holmes Noble has been investing in extensive research into how the function is evolving. Chief Executive and Founder Michelle Carson-Williams, who leads Holmes Noble’s Board and HR Practice, has conducted a series of one to one interviews with some of the UK’s most experienced and highly regarded HR directors. Emerging trends include;

  • The rise of the psychological contract, and how employee engagement is evermore a top priority
  • A need to segment internal audiences, demonstrated by the new challenges of motivating Millennials – tomorrow’s leaders who have different priorities to their predecessors. This new generation is motivated by attractive cultural benefits over and above the simple monetary ones – a work/life balance, engaging working environment and lifestyle-related benefits. Flexibility, in every sense, is becoming the watchword
  • Talent management, ever a key area in the HR function, is ever more critical in the global workplace
  • The challenge of ‘life-long upskilling’. How does a business accommodate the needs and aspirations of a workforce that potentially spans four generational cohorts?
  • The impact of technology and the need for 24/7 monitoring of the digital infrastructure
  • Diversity in UK boardrooms
  • The role of HR in the boardroom

The above trends are just snapshots of the early outtake from Holmes Noble’s current research. This roundtable breakfast will offer the unrivalled opportunity to continue to share opinions on ‘The Changing Landscape of HR’ as well as having the chance to forge new relationships with senior members of the HR community across a variety of industries