Post Event | How will buildings be delivered in 10 years’ time?

Holmes Noble’s Energy & Infrastructure Practice would like to thank everyone who attended our Manchester roundtable event on Tuesday. A special thank you also to Professor Hisham Elkadi for hosting such a lively and informative discussion.

The discussion gave an insight to a number of valuable points.

  • The construction industry has not changed much in the last 20 years but the speed and depth of change over the next ten years will be enormous;
  • Key drivers are climate change, advanced technology, renewable energy & bio inspired materials the future will depend on the convergence of these drivers;
  • One of the key challenges to the development of the industry is the skills shortage, Brexit hasn’t helped this but we need to find a way of attracting talented, tolerant, technology savvy individuals into the industry, which is currently viewed by the younger generation as male dominated and slow to evolve;
  • Some examples of the key areas of development were off-site construction, the ‘disruptive’ industry (‘Internet of things’, automation, 3d printing houses, driverless cars technology, cloud computing) & big data analytics, which could become more valuable than physical assets;
  • However, with all of these exciting topics/changes the biggest barrier to entry would be an adversity to risk, they need to be embraced and not ignored.

A detailed post event blog will follow shortly highlighting in depth the key areas of ‘How will buildings be delivered in 10 years’ time.’