Executive Coaching

Choosing a firm with proven results and a transparent approach will ensure that you are perfectly positioned to gain the most from executive coaching.

Holmes Noble’s consultancy practice is embedded inside one of the country’s leading executive search firms, with proven experience in providing tailored solutions to enhance leadership, employee engagement, talent retention, and business performance. Our consultancy services help you to navigate through challenges or opportunities by utilising the very best in business psychology and leadership development.

What are some of the benefits of our executive coaching programs?

  • Navigate change in senior positions
  • Identify strengths & weakness (both individually and collectively)
  • Improve productivity
  • Effect feedback loops
  • Micro and macro goal setting and targets
  • Empowerment & personal development
  • Greater insights to lead to better decisions

The benefits identified above only scratch the surface of what executive coaching can bring to an organisation. The personal, team and organisational development from effective coaching can lead to a more productive, agile, resilient and engaged workforce. Depending on your specific challenges and opportunities, we can work with you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your key people.

At Holmes Noble, we focus on results-orientated, data driven and measured coaching. All of our coaches possess high-level coaching qualifications, as well as having experience in business, so they bring real-world experience into coaching sessions.

The typical process for our coaching starts with a stakeholder briefing to understand the organisational context behind the coaching, and how the coaching ‘fits’ with the overall system that the coachee operates within. This stage also helps us to identify which of our coaches will be best matched to meet the requirements of the coachee at the ‘chemistry’ meeting.

To learn more about our executive coaching today or simply to get in touch to learn about all of our services call 0121 779 0864 or email: hello@holmesnoble.com