Outplacement Support Coaching

Outplacement Support Coaching is a highly specialised support service for organisations during times of change. A combination of leadership, management and communication coaching gives leaders the skills and confidence to deal with the challenging decision process, while CV, interview and career coaching ensures that those between roles move as smoothly as possible to their next appointment.

Coaching provides employers with a vantage point from the outside in, helping to inform the nature of the restructuring, including which departments or roles will need to be revised and which strategies will need to be put into place to actualise this redevelopment.

Outplacement Support Coaching for Employees

The main purpose of outplacement support coaching is to help former employees move swiftly out of the restructured organisation and into another. Coaching can help clients deal with the emotional impact of job loss, the stress of change and the transition process itself.

If you opt for outplacement support coaching after being made redundant, you’ll have access to the following services:

  • Coming to terms with change
  • Career coaching
  • Building your personal brand
  • CV preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal marketing
  • Debriefing and on-going support

Outplacement Support Coaching for Leaders

Corporate restructuring can be a difficult time for leaders, who must try to keep productivity levels high throughout the selection process. Trying to keep a team focused and effective at the same time as warning them of potential job loss can be something of a challenge. It is natural for employees to feel some level of resentment towards management when they are put in such a powerless position.

Outplacement Support Coaching can help leaders deal with the inevitable emotional impact of corporate restructuring so that they can deal with matters as prudently as possible, without allowing emotional strain to affect their judgement.

An Outplacement Support Coach can be called in to assist managers during this stressful time. Specific areas they address include:

  • Strategy planning
  • Preparation for bad news
  • Leadership coaching
  • Communication skills
  • Performance

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