Psychometric Assessment

At Holmes Noble, our consultants are trained in the use and delivery of psychometric and behavioural assessment tools, which can be utilised as part of live search assignments or for other business-related learning and developmental needs. Hogan is widely accepted as one of the most reliable predictors of performance and job suitability. It can be integrated into your recruitment process to provide a richer, more in-depth understanding of the behaviours of an individual.

We agree that this tool can never replace the human elemental skills of judgement and intuition, however, they do provide an excellent framework for basing the progression of suitable candidates. It not only assists in the selection process, but also in identifying developmental needs and providing more certainty to candidate retention after placement.

We work with you to:

  • Supplement your recruitment strategy by working tirelessly as an effective partner, utilising the best personality assessment tool on the market and selecting the correct assessment for the role at hand.
  • Provide a data rich picture of a prospective candidate(s) with information that is relevant to your particular requirements. Providing in-depth, critical and informative feedback based on a proven framework of efficient delivery.
  • Provide further support services in development and integration of your new hire.
  • Provide post-application feedback to all applicants if and where desired.

Holmes Noble Consultants are intensively trained by Advanced People Strategies to become Hogan certified practitioners.

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