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42% of Midlands companies lack examples of diversity

By Michelle Carson-Williams, Chief Executive and Founder at Holmes Noble featured in 16/12/2016

Holmes Noble, leading Birmingham-based executive search and interim firm, surveyed over 75 Midlands businesses, from various sectors and of varying size, asking questions about diversity to capture opinions on this sensitive issue from the region.

When asked ‘to what extent do you believe your company embraces diversity?’ 42% answered that there was no real example of diversity in their workplace.

By 2020, Birmingham is predicted to become an ethnic majority town so employing the full spectrum of talent through diversity is a key issue for the second city.

Michelle Carson-Williams, Chief Executive and Founder, Holmes Noble commented: “How many times do we see leadership teams devoid of women?  But I’m pleased to report that clients are increasingly asking us to redress diversity in the boardroom – whether it’s gender, ethnicity or age.”

“That’s why I found the survey’s answers to the diversity on the board question particularly disappointing. If you want to change anything in your organisation, you must start at the top.  Why?  The evidence is all there to support the hard-headed business rationale.  Diverse workplaces are more innovative, inclusive and successful than monocultural ones.”

Other statistics from the survey revealed; 32% didn’t know if their business had a diversity inclusion policy or not. 65% of respondents don’t have a disabled person on their board of directors and 59% said they don’t have anyone over the age of 65 in a top-level position.