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The DNA of a modern CEO

By Michelle Carson-Williams, CEO 17/08/2017

Will the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) exist in the future? That’s just one hard-hitting question that is explored in our new discussion document that focuses on the insights and trends about the future of the CEO, as identified by CEOs across many sectors at a recent roundtable event.

Led by Michelle Carson-Williams, Chief Executive and Founder of Holmes Noble, the paper is positioned to stimulate thinking on a variety of issues surrounding the role of the CEO. The discussion document explores how CEOs need to adapt to steer their companies into the future, what the future leaders of tomorrow will look like and how they will lead their companies into success.

Michelle Carson-Williams explains: “It is ultimately the CEO who is responsible for a company’s success, its reputation and who is ultimately accountable for its results. However, the world is moving so fast now and technology is accelerating and changing every industry so, unsurprisingly, the role of the CEO is changing with it.

We wanted to explore this issue by hosting a roundtable event to discuss the salient, modern issues affecting CEOs as well as interviewing some of the UK’s top leaders. The result of all this is a thought-provoking discussion paper which explores the trends driving the changing role of the CEO.  We hope that the paper will prove a useful guide for CEOs as they address the challenges some of these trends present such as technology, evolving character traits, interim CEOs and life-long learning commitments.”

Download the full discussion paper below

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