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DNO to DSO – A transformation of skills

By Victoria McQueen, Managing Partner and Director of Energy & Infrastructure Practice 23/04/2018

What skills will be needed for the transformation of a DNO to a DSO model in the energy sector?

In February 2018, senior leaders from some of the UK’s top energy businesses joined Donna Chapman, Victoria McQueen and Amy Speake to discuss the transformation from a DNO to a DSO model and the skills that will be required.

In our new discussion document we address the impact on the industry of this transformation. The paper outlines the thoughts, opinions and trends voiced by industry leaders in the energy sector at the roundtable dinner.

The DNOs which will thrive during the transition to becoming a DSO will be those who stage a revolution of
their own making – radical shifts, across several disciplines, in the way that they acquire and retain talent.

Download the full discussion paper below

Watch the full event vlog by clicking this link