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At a time where many of us have vacated the office to work from the safety of our homes, it is important to acknowledge the incredible efforts of those around us who continue to risk their health and wellbeing to protect others. Often, we band together in times of crisis, and the coronavirus is no different. That is why we at Holmes Noble want to take a moment to extend our deepest thanks to all of those working tirelessly to ensure the safety of others. Odds are, most of you reading this post will know somebody working on the frontline. As such, we implore you to reach out to them, whether that be over the phone or via text, to let them know that you are grateful of the work they are doing during this increasingly worrying and frightening time.

So, from us at Holmes Noble,

Thank you to all the nurses, doctors, GPs, paramedics and other essential medical staff who continue to work under extremely strained conditions with limited resources to save lives and alleviate suffering. Thank you to the private hospitals who are lending their invaluable life-saving equipment to look after the rising number of patients affected by the virus. Thank you to all the retired nurses and doctors leaving the safety of their own homes to join the NHS on the battlefield in the fight against the coronavirus.

Thank you to all the teachers and school staff who have gone above and beyond and reopened their doors to house the children of key workers so that those critical to the fight against covid-19 can continue to do their work. Thank you to those offering their services online for free to entertain children whilst their parents work from home. You are contributing in more ways than you realise.

To the police, thank you for continuing to protect us from harm by keeping people off the streets. Although the threat to our lives is invisible to the eye, your efforts to keep the peace are not.

Thank you to all the rival businesses putting competitivity aside to work together to manufacture valuable resources, big or small, to safeguard our citizens.

Thank you to supermarket and supply chain staff who have been overwhelmed with demand and panic buying since the beginning of the outbreak. Thank you for continuing to stock the shelves and provide people with the things they need. To supermarkets, thank you for putting the safety of the elderly and vulnerable first by opening stores early. And thank you for looking out for overworked NHS staff by allowing them time to stock up on essentials before returning to work.

To everyone out there playing their part, your selflessness has not and will not go unnoticed. We know your jobs have been made significantly harder due to the pandemic, but we want to thank you for continuing to show up to work, even on the days you may not have wanted to. We truly appreciate all that you do.

To our clients and candidates, know we are here to support you through this difficult time and are still working hard to advance your business through people. As we heard from the PM yesterday, it is our responsibility as a country to protect the NHS, a pillar of our community, by staying home so that we can halt any unnecessary spread of the virus. So, until all normalcy returns, stay strong, stay calm and keep the faith. We are all in this together.